Cartridge Safety

Cartridges are to be made with a good quality paper that can resist accidental ignition by a stray spark, but can also be easily torn with your teeth. NOT newspaper

The recommended size of a blank load can be calculated by adding the caliber size of the firelock plus 5 and using the result in grains. For a Brown Bess, this would be 75 + 5 = 80 grains of powder for the load.In volume, this is 5.3 cubic centimeters or 1.1 teaspoons.

The regulations of the Brigade of the American Revolution state that the maximum load for a 75 caliber firelock is 110 grains of 3F powder. This is about 1.5 teaspoons in volume.

Safety Drill

  1. Shoulder firelocks (lock at half-cock)
  2. Secure muskets
  3. Open pans
  4. Shut pans
  5. Shoulder firelocks
  6. Spring rammers
  7. Return rammers and go to shoulder
  8. Poise firelocks
  9. Inspection for half-cock safety, flashguard, hammer stall, flint security and general cleanliness of the firelock.
  10. Return to shoulder
  11. Inspect cartridge pouch and cartridges
  12. Inspect all edged weapons and ensure they are sheathed or covered

Camp Safety

All firepits must be in a safe location with any flammable materials at least 10 feet away.
A pail of water and a wool blanket must be kept nearby to extinguish any accidental fires. These cannot be used for any other purpose except first aid.
An adult must attend the fire at all times. NOT children

All edged tools must be sheathed, covered or stored when not in use.

Consistency, Common Sense and Cleanliness are the basic rules for safety.